If you visit this zone you can lodge in this beautiful and important hotels:

-Barceló. La bobadilla (Loja)

Located in the heart of Andalusia, this estate of Mediterranean woodland and olive groves with an extension of 350 hectares has its own chapel in the Mudéjar style and labyrinth of courtyards and passageways full of flowers. The decoration of its rooms combines noble woods, marble and "Alhambra" bricks

external image hotel-barcelo-la-bobadilla-h_1756648vb.png external image image_hotel_exterior_outside_1.jpg

-Llano Piña (Loja)

This is a peaceful hotel . It's managed by 3 brothers and provides a tranquil retreat . the hotel staff are happy to help you arrange sightseeing tours to the many monuments to be found in these great cities. During the warmer months you can enjoy the swimming pool (with adjacent children's pool), or simply relax on the sun terrace.

external image rural-llano-pina-loja.jpg


Hotel situated in the city of Loja, which it offers you the possibility to make a roundtrip through Andalusia without luggage, using the hotel as a base and then to make daily excursions to the main capitals of Andalucia.

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If you visit some restaurant you can try these dishes:

- Gazpacho


tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, cucumbers, a clove of garlic, slices of day-old bread, salt, extra virgin oil, vinegar and onions

external image recipe_552.jpg

- Longaliza


pounds of ground pork, tablespoon of oregano powder,tablespoon salt, cup oil or lard with annatto,teaspoon pepper,garlic cloves crushed,yards of dry pork belly.external image Carne-16248.jpg

- Torrijas


Bread, milk, sugar, cinnamon sticks, olive oil, eggs, cinnamon

external image torrijas.jpg

If you want taste these foods visit some of these restaurants:

In Loja:

Type of food:
Traditional cuisine
Location: Avda. Rafael Pérez Alamo, 20. Loja

- average price: € 24.00
- daily menu: € 9.00

In Alhama de Granada:

Name: Pato loco
Type of food:

-Speciality: Meat carvery restaurant
Location: Ctra. de Jatar, Km. 2 Alhama de Granada
the swimming-pool of restaurant

external image ftr-pato-01-pool.jpg